Al Bawader Group


When it comes to the projects including Civil Engineering, designing and construction works, Al Bawader Group Construction & Engineering has the resources and knowledge to undertake just about any Civil Engineering, Designing, Consultation or Construction job. We are the right choice for all clients in all projects because of our highly qualified and experienced Engineers and a long list of completed projects by our group in Iraq. Our Civil Engineering section has a range of capabilities and resources to provide our clients with a variety of services in the commercial, industrial and private sections. This gives Al Bawader Group Construction & Engineering competitive advantage over its competitors.

Earth Workrs

Al Bawader Group performs a variety of earth moving activities including bulk excavation and overlot grading, structural excavation and backfill for buildings and structures, road grading, and final site grading. We perform our job utilizing the latest technology and state of the art equipment. Our diverse equipment fleet features dozers, loaders, backhoes, excavators, motor graders, power screens, rollers, compactors, skid steers, and trucks. Our experienced staff has become accustom to working with steep and difficult terrain as well as working in wet and muddy drainage ways. We have been moving the earth since our beginning and continue pioneering new methods with new technology.

Roads & Bridges

Al Bawader Group is highly capable of undertaking projects in building Roads, Bridges and Infrastructure projects. Al Bawader Group is one of the most prominent companies in its field. Our dedicated team is experienced in all phases of Road and Bridge Construction Infrastructure works and Ground Engineering. The Company owns & operates a sophisticated fleet of modern construction equipment in addition to Asphalt and Wet Mix Plants. A well-structured supply chain ensures smooth operation of its projects.

Drainage (Water & Wastewater)

Al Bawader Group specializes in drainage systems construction and repair. Our company has striven to provide quality service and reasonable prices to our customers. Our drainage group specializes in building standing water elimination in crawl spaces, yard drain, basement waterproofing, and side sewer repair and replacement and all other aspects of Drainage.

Concrete Strtucture Construction

Al Bawader Group is a reputed concrete company having highly trained concrete professionals and offering competent service at a reasonable price. Our concrete services extend to clients looking to complete industrial or agribusiness-related construction projects. In addition to providing industrial, commercial, and residential concrete services, we also complete projects for public works, municipal, and government entities. Unlike many other concrete companies, results we produce for our clients speak for themselves.

Foundations Construction

Structural aspects of heavy foundation design are important and must be able to support all loads (weight, wind, etc.) of the above surface structure. The load of the structure is transferred via the foundation through the weaker topsoil to the stronger subsoil below. We have experience accomplishing tasks in water or on land through many means including caissons, cofferdams, drilled shafts, concrete and steel piles, mass concrete footings, and sheet pile installations with tieback systems.

Airport Facilities

The airport industry is experiencing significant change as airport expansion plans rise to the top of government agendas to meet the growing demand from today’s tourists and business travelers. The world is becoming smaller – and at Al Bawader Group, we are helping to facilitate the development of airport infrastructure and buildings internationally, often in remote parts of the Globe.

Steel Structure Buildings

Al Bawader Group is the premier builder of Pre-Engineered Steel Building Construction world-wide. Most steel construction is done with a type of steel called mild steel. Mild steel is a material that is immensely strong. This immense strength is of great advantage to buildings. The other important feature of steel framing is its flexibility.

Fiber Optic Works

Al Bawader Group has specialization in fiber optic installation and deployment, installing long haul, metro, and last mile fiber optic cables. We are a completely self-sufficient fiber optic company, and our crew is one of the most experienced and established fiber optic installation companies in origin. SAS SALALAH has refined the installation process, so that we are highly efficient at engineering, permitting, installation, splicing, and terminating fiber optic network cabling. As a result, we can provide your business the quality of workmanship and network you require.

Commercial & Chemical Warehouses

With extensive know-how in industrial, commercial and chemical warehouse construction and a commitment to meeting client expectations, Al Bawader Group continues to be a leading force in the industry. Quality building practices ensure longevity and durability of the facility. Key features often include integrated high-end office space and phased expandability. A carefully developed, streamlined approach provides excellent project delivery every time.

Sunshade And Parking Sheds

Parking Shed construction services are also offered by Al Bawader Group which comprise sheds that are fabricated in both standard as well as customized designs and size options as per the specific parking area requirements as specified by the customers. These sheds also provide optimum space utilization and are simple yet durable in designs as well as at the same time also provides for easy installation. The use of sturdy material during the construction also provides in these capability to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Pre-Engineering Facilities

Al Bawader Group Construction and Engineering is one of the most experienced Specialist in PEB structures. We are expert in the of prefabricated tubular and structural steel roof structures which has been ideal for many warehouses, workshops, offices, factories, sites etc. We are mainly focused in the services of providing roofing. We offer to build the roof with good height by using the latest innovative technology. We have a team of the best design engineers that are expert in this field and industry.